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When I started working at Wisdom, my experience in gaming consisted of playing MarioKart on my Super Nintendo when I was young (I was excellent at it by the way).  Professionally I came to Wisdom with a background in pro, college and high school athletics.  You can imagine my hesitation when transitioning to working in the esports realm.  Based on my experiences in other sports worlds I was extremely nervous, knowing that my lack of the gaming world would put me on the outside looking in.  My first few meetings were pretty embarrassing to be honest.  

My fears were misplaced. I may not have known much about gaming and esports, but I was immediately welcomed into a family that was eager to share their passion with me, to teach people about gaming, and a team that was fully dedicated to the growth of esports. Instead of looking at me as an outsider, they viewed my knowledge from traditional sports as a strategic angle––a valuable perspective that could provide helpful insights for Wisdom’s mission and vision. 

I have come to realize that the esports opportunity is much bigger than what conventional knowledge dictates. For too long, esports enthusiasts have suffered their fair share of bullying and unwarranted stereotyping. Because of this, I feel that there is a tendency to accept, welcome and share more experiences in esports than other sports.

The best part about working in esports?  It’s incredibly young and the book hasn’t been fully written yet.  Those who are in the gaming industry right now are the ones setting the precedent for the future and that’s really fun to be a part of.  I genuinely enjoy “going” to work every day.

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