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Instagram is one of my favorite social platforms and offers some of the best opportunities to be creative and feature content in multiple different ways. With over 1 billion monthly users, it’s also one of the most popular networks ones out there. The following tips, which apply to both business and personal profiles, are my top suggestions for easily optimizing your Instagram content and elevating your profile so it stands out in a crowded stream of content.

1. Consistent quality photos and filters

Instagram is a visual platform, so it’s imperative that your photos are quality and consistent. I strongly recommend investing in a filter so your page looks uniform and instantly recognizable as belonging to your brand. While Instagram offers filters on its own, use outside apps such as Adobe Lightroom to create your own personalized filter or even purchase a pre-made one in order to achieve a consistent look across your feed.

It may seem silly to invest money in an Instagram filter, but by taking the time to create consistent looking content, your brand message will come across more clearly and will help keep the focus on the message you’re trying to convey instead of a distracting the audience with an incoherent feed. Plus, your “moody dark fall vibes” filter will only help your audience recognize your content instantly!

2. Search top hashtags

Hashtag list generators can help you optimize your hashtag usage by finding the top hashtags for a topic. But don’t use hashtags that are too generic and broad – find some that are trending and specific enough that your post won’t get lost in the shuffle. Don’t go overboard on the hashtags either; it can look unprofessional and draw attention away from your post. Stick to 5-6 to get the best results and keep your posts looking clean and polished.  

3. Use outside apps

Mix up your content by using outside apps to add variety and creativity to your Instagram feed. I like using popular apps like Boomerang to help add another dimension to your content, which can be used not only in your posts but your story as well. Take your content to the next level with sites such as Canva, which allow you to create graphics such as charts or add design elements to your images. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to add some creative templates and branded content to your feed!

4. Add captions to video 

In addition to being more accessible to those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have audio disabled, you can risk losing 84% of your audience if you don’t include captions on video, as most users don’t enable sound when scrolling. You can add subtitles with an app like Cliptomatic, or do it manually with your video editing software.

For Instagram stories, utilize the text feature and type your own summary for users to read as they click through – add fun colors and visuals to your captions to help hold your viewer’s attention longer! Going an extra step to make your video content more accessible and easy to watch will go a long way to increasing viewership and engagement on your videos. 

Instagram is a fun platform that offers users the opportunity to be unique and visually creative. These are easy and quick fixes you can implement to help up your game and make you stand out in a noisy – and filtered – crowd.

Is your current social media strategy missing the mark? Get in touch, we’d love to help!